Celebrating 18 Years in the Peoria and Washington Area!


Water Street Dance Company began in downtown Peoria, IL on Water Street. After 8 years of success on Water Street, we relocated to Washington, IL. Although the studio is now called “Just Dance,” our Competitive performers still use the team name “Water Street Dance Company” to honor our 18 years of competition achievement.

Important Announcement!

The 18th Annual Dance Show will now be Sunday May 23rd at Five Points Washington 3pm.  Our staff has been working on ideas for our spring dance show coming up to ensure the safety of our dancers & families, while also putting on a great show!

Due to Five Points Theater being only allowed 25% capacity at this time for COVID restrictions we feel it’s best to divide the show into 2 separate shows.  One show will be earlier around noon and a second show early evening around 4pm.  Our staff is still working out all of those details at this time, but we would like you to be sure and block off that entire day on your calendars until we announce which show you will be in.  There could possibly be a few dancers or families that will need to be in both shows, but most dancers will only need to attend one and your tickets will only be for one show.  This is to optimize the amount of people able to be in attendance.

We also wanted to make sure you’re aware each dance family would only be allowed a minimum number of tickets to ensure we stay within capacity and that every family has tickets.  We are hoping that the amount will most likely be around 3-4 tickets depending on how many families are in each show.

However, we will be selling additional tickets to a virtual live feed where you will be sent a link via email to go watch the shows on a live Facebook private page.  This is something friends and family can do from the comfort of their own homes.

As you know, Covid restrictions and protocols continue to make situations change and we may need to adjust again.  The theater capacity could perhaps even change by then but for now we feel that this is our best option to keep our dancers and families safe.  At this time we feel dividing the show into 2 smaller and shorter shows is our best option.  Please be watching for more details to come throughout the remainder of the dance season.

WSDC COVID Guidelines


Please download and read our COVID disclaimer/waiver below.

COVID Guidelines Waiver 

What makes Just Dance Home of Water Street Dance Company the preferred dance studio in the Peoria & Washington Area?

      • Dance Experience That Promotes Excellence

Our Director and Owner, Gina Kennedy, has been performing, teaching classes, and choreographing dances for over 20 years throughout Central Illinois. She is the recipient of various choreography awards for her work in competitive dance. Gina, along with other teachers, offers classes in tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, and pre-school combo.

      • Dance Classes Every Child Will Enjoy

Just Dance Home of Water Street Dance Company offers a variety of classes for ages 3 to 18, which are designed to teach specific dance styles and develop those techniques. You’re welcome to join us for both our Fall/Spring season and Summer.

      • Competitive Team Dancing

We also offer the opportunity to audition for our competitive team, Water Street Dance Company, in which dancers are able to further their dance skills during highly specialized dance rehearsals and technique classes. Our competitive team consists of two distinctions: Apprentice and Junior Varsity/Senior Competitive. The Senior Competitive level dancers are our most advanced dancers, and many of them have been with us since pre-school!

      • A Chance to Show Off Your Dance Skills!

In June every dancer performs what they learned throughout the year at our heart-pumping  Annual Dance Show! We try to keep our show under 2.5 hrs.