Save the Date for our 18th Annual Show!

-June 11th – Dress Rehearsal at MTHS 3 pm

-June 12th – 18th Annual Dance Show at MTHS 3 pm

-June 13th – 18th Annual Dance Show at MTHS 3 pm

*Due to COVID we could be shut down again or not able to have our big show so we have back up plans of:

(1) We will do outdoor shows with a smaller number of dances and try to get siblings in the same show

(2) If no recital is possible, we will have a virtual recital where we record the dances one at a time in the studio and put together a show to be viewed online.

Information on the show will be TBD and TBA once we know more later in the year! Thank you for being so patient.

Show Informational Letter

Informational Letter

(including ticket purchasing info)

Please carefully read through the enclosed informational sheets and explain them to your child. Included is the show order, t-shirt link, and ticket link.

If you have questions, please see our Front Desk Staff.

17th Annual Dance Show 2020

This packet contains all the information regarding the dress rehearsal and shows. It is mandatory that all students attend all 3 events unless you have previously (by November 1st) informed us to not order you a costume.


  • Dress Rehearsal is Friday, June 5th. Begins at 4 pm. Begin arriving by 3 pm.
  • Shows take place Saturday, June 6th & Sunday, June 7th (Curtain 3 pm, Begin arriving at 1 pm, Theater doors open at 2:30). Shows should run between 2 ½ to 3 hours. If you are not there at least 1 hour before show time, you will not perform!

Where: Metamora High School 101 W. Madison Street Metamora, IL 61548. Enter through the main doors off the parking lot.

Bring: All Costumes, accessories, tights, shoes, make-up, etc. Also, bring something to wear over your costume, such as a light jacket or show t-shirt. Please label all of your belongings with your first & last name (as well as your show t-shirt tag). If you lose anything we cannot replace it.

Friday Dress Rehearsal:

  • All dancers should go straight to theater upon arrival. Dancers must have a cover up on to sit in theater seats. Previous years our glitter from costumes caused damage/extra clean up for the high school. Find a big button up shirt or robe or something to keep on while in the theater seat, then slip it off when the runners take you backstage!
  • This is a closed rehearsal, so please do not bring friends or siblings. No one is allowed to view except one parent. Or, if your child is old enough and able to do all costume changes, they can be dropped off/picked up. Important: if you drop-off your child, be sure they know/have with them a phone number to contact you in case of an emergency.
  • The students will sit in the theater to view the rehearsal. All classes must sit together in the theater. A runner will take you backstage approx. 5 numbers before yours. (NO Parents allowed backstage – this includes quick change moms and class monitors.)
  • At the end of rehearsal, dancers remain on stage to hear any director’s notes. Some dances will be asked to stay and rehearse their number again. No dancer is to leave until dismissed. The only exception is Preschool and Kinder Combos; they may leave after they dance. It will most likely run 4 hours or less.


  • Commons Holding Area: All Recreational Dancers (regular dance classes) should go straight to commons upon arrival. The commons will be our holding area for the dancers during the shows.
    • Please bring blankets to sit on in the commons & something to occupy your dancer during the show. Snacks are allowed in the commons area only.
    • 5 dances before yours, a runner will come to the commons and retreive you to line up backstage. It is strongly advised that you remain with your class at all times. If you are in multiple classes, be sure to be with whichever dance is up next to ensure you don’t miss your line-up backstage.
    • NO dancers are allowed in the main theater during the show or before the show. Only the Preschool and KinderCombo classes are allowed to sit in the theater after their dance. Due to limited seating, they will need to sit on someone’s lap.
    • No dancers are allowed in the lobby in their costumes before the show.
  • Dressing Rooms: For those needing to use locker rooms, do not loiter in there. Only use it to change and then quickly return to the commons to allow enough space for those who need to change after you. Parents are responsible for helping any child that requires assistance with costume changes; please go to the locker room to do so. We will have volunteers backstage, but they will not be able to help with costume changes.
    • Preschool, Kinder Combo, and dancers in any level who are only in one dance (no costume changes) must go to commons. You should not use the dressing rooms.
    • Levels 1 & 2 (only those in 2 or more dances) use locker room #2.
    • Levels 3 & 4 (only those in 2 or more dances) use locker room #3.
    • Apprentice use dressing room indicated by the “Apprentice” sign (it’s backstage). Please use the hallway when not dressing.
    • Senior Competitive use dressing room indicated by the “Senior Competitive” sign (it’s backstage). Please use the hallway when not dressing.
  • Quick Change Dressing Room: If you have 3 dances or less to change, we have a designated “quick change” room just off stage left for you to use, rather than going all the way back to locker rooms. No one else is allowed in the quick change room (other than the child’s mom to help with the change). Absolutely no one other than those dancers with quick changes is allowed to enter stage this way. Therefore, if Mom just helped dancer with the quick change, she then needs to go around to enter the theater from the lobby doors and quietly step into the theater to watch or return to her seat as soon as she can.
  • Finale: All dancers (except Preschool & Kinder Combo classes) will participate in our finale and take a final bow, therefore no one should leave before the end of the show. We do encourage Preschool & Kinder Combo dancers to stay and watch the entire show, but we also understand that it can be diffuclt for children that age to sit still. No tap shoes for the finale; please wear ballet, jazz, hip-hop shoes or go barefoot.

Please keep locker rooms, dressing rooms & commons area cleaned up of all garabage, debris, water bottles, or hangers, etc.

  • Show Order:


  • Ticket price is $12.00.  Everyone is required to have a ticket, including moms.
  • Tickets will be available online starting May 1st at 7 am on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be assigned seating. To purchase tickets, please go to:

Note: online ticket sales will be shut off on Thursday, June 4th. If there are any remaining tickets, they will be sold in the lobby. If you have any questions or trouble with the process, please visit:

  • Please print your ticket at home & bring with you to the show. If you choose to have your tickets emailed, make sure you enter your email correctly when purchasing online, so you can print out the tickets. If you don’t enter email correctly or lose your tickets, please see the go to
  • Embossed keepsake tickets with your dancer’s name are available for a small fee. These will be mailed to you. Simply choose this option and type-in your dancer’s name before checking out.
  • You may also buy tickets at the door the day of the show, but we highly recommend buying online ahead-of-time, due to limited seating or a sell-out. Cash or check only.
  • Everyone over 4 years of age are required to have a ticket for admittance to the show, even parents. The exception is Preschool or Kinder Combo dancers sitting on a parent’s lap; they are not required to have a ticket. However, if they are sitting in their own seat, they must have a ticket.
  • Anyone under 4 years of age who is sitting on a parent’s lap does not need a ticket.
  • Dancers (except any Preschool or Kinder Combo dancer sitting in their own seat) do not need tickets since they will not be watching the show from the auditorium. They will be in the Commons holding area.
  • Anyone over the age of 4 or anyone who is not in our Preschool or Kinder Combo dances is not allowed to sit on parent’s laps. We do not want anyone’s older children to sit on laps and block the view for others.
  • If a parent would rather not purchase a ticket for both shows, but your child is too young to leave at the show without a parent, consider volunteering for one show. Or, there is a t.v. monitor in the lobby where you can view the show.
  • If you purchase more tickets than you need, we cannot sell them for you. We also cannot exchange any tickets purchased, should you decide you want to attend a different day. So prior to the show, please find someone to purchase them directly from you. You are very welcome to ask those in line to purchase directly from you.
  • If you need a space for a wheelchair; those are in a specfic side areas on the main level, so try purchasing your tickets close to the sides if you want to be close to the stage.

Seats: The theater doors will open approximately a half hour before the show. At that time, everyone can find his or her assigned seats. Since dancers begin arriving 2 hours early, audience members will need to wait in the lobby until the theater doors open. Please note: The balcony has stairs. Those requiring ADA accommodation should purchase lower level seats as normal, then see staff prior to the show for ADA accommodations.


  • Come to rehearsal and shows with hair and makeup done and your 1st costume on underneath a cover-up! There isn’t enough mirror space for everyone, and it makes things easier on everyone (including parents) if you come ready.
  • Hair must be pulled up off the face, preferably a slicked back ponytail or bun. Place any hair pieces to the right side of the head. Secure all hats with lots of bobby pins and/or a clear elastic chin strap.
  • Make-up must be applied heavy enough to show up on stage. You may apply any type/color of makeup you would like, however, we recommend applying lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush, at the very least. The only exception is our competitive team, which has makeup guidelines.
  • Do NOT use spray glitter inside the building or in the theater/school parking lot as this caused damage to someone’s car last year. Glitter spray is BANNED!

Pictures: There will be no formal pictures. Everyone is welcome to take their own pictures anytime, we just ask that you post on our studio facebook page “Just Dance home of Water Street Dance Co.” or Gina Kennedy will have an album on her personal page that you can request to be a contributor to for all group shots, (not necessary for all individual pictures) or tag our Instagram: waterstreetdance. Please exercise courtesy to those around you during the show, so as not to impede on others’ viewing experience. If you will be taking photos, please remain seated or use the aisles. Do not take photos directly in front of the stage. We will also have a step & repeat Just Dance logo backdrop for anyone to take a photo in the hallway! Please note, pictures without flash are allowed during shows but videotaping is NOT allowed (see below).


  • No videotaping will be allowed during the show. You will be able to purchase a DVD through Focal Point Video. Orders will be taken before the show by Ordering online. We will contact you via email with this link.
  • We do not coordinate the orders, so please be sure to order before the show, or contact Focal Point Video directly if you decide to order. It is your responsibility to have the DVD mailed to you. There will be no pick-up day at the studio for videos this year. For any questions related to the show dvd, please contact:

     Focal Point Video


  • You may videotape during the Friday Dress Rehearsal, only. Keep in mind, though, that dancers usually do their best during the actual performance (when taking personal video is not allowed). So, we highly recommend purchasing a DVD. If you post a video to Facebook, please tag “Just Dance home of Water Street Dance Co.” or Gina Kennedy.

Flowers: Flowers will be sold in the theater lobby before the show and during intermission. Cash or check only.

Show t-shirts: Show shirts will be available to order for $15.00. This is a nice show memento and great cover-up to wear to the show. Parents are welcome to order shirts for yourselves. The order form for this year’s t-shirts will be online. You can purhase them here at:


  • Once May tuition and all outstanding balances are paid, costumes will be distributed. Before picking up your costume, you must sign our “Costume Sign Out Sheet” at the front desk which states you received everything and the costumes are now your responsibility.
  • If your costume doesn’t come with tights or it comes with fishnets, you must wear tan tights or pantyhose in place of underwear.
  • Fishnets need a tan hose under, otherwise, your legs look grey.
  • No underwear is to be worn; only wear tights, even under jazz/hip-hop pant unless you can find the seamless nude color that works well under costumes.
  • Alterations may be necessary and are your responsibility.


  • Please leave your name at the front desk if you wish to help at the rehearsal or the show.
  • We encourage all parents to be our show volunteers. There are several jobs to be filled, such as selling tickets, handing out programs, ushering, lining up classes, class monitoring in the commons, and hallway monitoring. The more volunteers we have, the easier it will be to take turns watching the show.
  • If you volunteer to be a class monitor in the commons, you will stay with the specific assigned class in the commons. Then, once a runner comes to take them backstage you can wait in the commons, lobby, or quietly step into the theater doors to watch, but you need to meet the class on their way back down the hallway or in the commons after the performance.
  • Note: if the volunteer position is something that is required to help during the show (and therefore you will not be able to view the show), you do not need a ticket.
  • However, if the volunteer position is something like passing out programs or ushering, you will need a ticket to view the show.
  • No parents or parent volunteers are allowed backstage for any reason. We have to allow the teachers, directors, dancers, and runners space and concentration they need to pull off the show with success. Plus, you’re going to want to watch the dance from the front instead of the side.

Email Address: If we do not have your email address, please leave it at the front desk or email us. We will contact you this way with any last-minute show details and other information these remaining weeks. If you have opted-out of receiving emails, we highly suggest you ask us to opt you back in, so you are kept up-to-date with all show information. Also refer to for information, as well.

Other Important Details:

  • Classes will continue until Wednesday, June 3rd, 2019. Attendance in class is crucial at this time, so please do not miss class from now on out, if at all possible.  Encourage your dancer to practice their dance at home by downloading their song from your account under “class documents”.
  • Please tuck-in or trim-off any ballet strings on ballet shoes. Have pointe shoe ribbons tucked away.
  • Make sure you have the proper shoes for each dance; check the costume book or ask your teacher if you’re not sure.
  • Absolutely NO food or drink is allowed in the theater! Please respect this rule. If you are caught violating this rule, we will ask you to leave the theater for the remainder of the show.
  • Please ensure that your children are respectful and pick up after themselves in all areas of the venue. This especially includes the commons, dressing room, and bathrooms. If you notice an area that needs cleaning attention, please notify our staff or the venue staff.
  • For any questions or concerns that arise, please see our front desk staff, contact us at 309-444-2700, or email