Class Levels, Guideline Ages & Descriptions

For age requirements by class level, please go by your dancer’s age at the time of registration. 2022-2023 registration is now closed . Classes will begin on Sept. 12, 2022 and continue through June 7, 2023

Students are placed according to their age at the time of registration, however, teachers will move them according to their ability, if necessary. Make sure and register as soon as you can because classes will fill up very fast!

You must use a credit/debit card to register online in order to complete your registration. Otherwise, your registration will cancel out at the end of the night.

*Information on shoes for each class refer to our Policies & Dress Code page.*

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*Drop-in class (trial class)- $15 per class: Please pay your teacher of the class and let them know you are doing a trial class. Do not register online for drop-ins. If you can only come to a few classes, or just want to try out our studio, this is a great option. From September 12th til Nov. 1st is when we allow drop-in classes. *We accept new students to register until Nov. 15th. After this date we cannot accept new students as we will be working on the dances for recital and ordering costumes.*


    • Preschool Combo: 3.5-4 yrs (must be potty trained)
    • Kinder Combo: 4.5-5 yrs

Introduction to tap, jazz/hip hop, and ballet in a fun-filled 45-minute class. The first half of the class with focus on tap technique then the teacher will help the kids change into the ballet shoes for the second half of the class to focus on ballet/jazz/hip hop technique. Choreography in one of these styles will be offered. No experience necessary. For recital the teacher will choose which style of dance they will be doing in the recital and will share what shoes will be worn for the recital.


  • Level 1: 6-9 yrs (1st through 4th grade)
  • Level 2/3: 10+ (5th through 12th grade)

Ballet dance is a formal dance style which focuses on graceful, precise steps and gestures to convey emotions or tell a story. Ballet is the foundation for all dance styles. It will develop strength, flexibility, balance, grace, poise, and discipline. Barre work and center floor work will be taught along with terminology. This is a cultural and educational class which every student should experience. Choreography is offered in this class.

HIP-HOP (LEVELS 1 & 2/3)

  • Level 1: 6-9 yrs (1st through 4th grade)
  • Level 2/3: 10+ (5th through 12th grade)

Hip-Hop dance is comprised of funky, sharp, isolated movements done to dance music or clean rap music. Choreography is offered in this class.


Level 1: 6-9 yrs (1st through 4th grade)

L1 Combo is a 1 hour class, with the first half focusing on tap and the second half focusing on jazz. Only one dance/style will be in the show. Both Jazz and Tap shoes are needed for this class.


Level 2/3: 10+ (5th through 12th grade)

Jazz dance is comprised of bold, dramatic, and rhythmic movements. Class begins with extensive warm-up and stretching working on increasing ones flexibility. Introduces leaps, turns, and stylized movement to upbeat current music. Technique and choreography are both offered in this class. Black jazz shoes are needed for this class and recital.


  • Level 2/3: 10+ (5th through 12th grade)

Tap dance is a series of tap skills, combinations, timing, and rhythms of which primarily uses the foot and ankle strengths. Technique and choreography are both offered in this class. Black tap shoes are needed for this class and recital.


Our competitive dance team, Water Street Dance Company, is an audition team for ages 7-18 year olds. You must attend Summer Intensives for your age and then receive an invitation to join. Registration is now closed for our competitive team.

Our competitive team is split into 5 groups: Mini, Junior, Preteen, Tween and Senior.  They are split by ages/abilities. Our teams are chosen by invitation only & based on ability & participation in our Summer Intensive. Members are required to rehearse, compete, and it is expected they participate in all disciplines of dance classes. The goal is to offer an outlet to perform and compete for those looking to intensify their dance training and/or to gain more experience in pursuit of a dance career. Our competitive team is a huge time commitment and practice, rehearsals, competitions, and recitals are mandatory for ALL members.