Tryouts for our 2022-2023 Competitive team are now closed. Congrats to everyone who made our team! 

If you are interested in joining our team for next year it is required to attend at least 5 days our summer intensives. Info on our summer intensives can be found on that page. Dates will be released in May.

Please view our Competitive Dance Calendar for Summer choreography and rehearsals, as well as any Conventions, Master Classes, and Competitions. The Mini, Junior, Preteen, Tween & Senior Competitive Team Calendar is subject to change. If you are interested in having the latest updates, we highly recommend subscribing to the calendar, so that you receive notifications on those changes.

For studio-wide important dates (such as holidays and breaks) please see our studio calendar.

Time Commitment

Do you have the desire and commitment to become competitive dancer? Our competitive dancers attend mandatory weekly scheduled rehearsals (4 nights a week), mandatory competitions (up to 4 per year), and recommended Master Classes/conventions. (both at our studio and out of town). The team is a big time commitment – please take this into consideration when deciding to tryout for the team!

Choreography Fees

Choreography Fees are a one-time fee. “Outside” or guest choreographers will be doing dances for us and they typically charge $50-$225 per dancer with checks payable directly to them at the beginning time of teaching.  The choreographer’s check must be given to the instructor at the start of rehearsal or the dancer cannot participate. A guest choreographer is anyone outside of WSDC staff.   

Cost for in-house choreographers (prices may vary for Dual Choreographers and Production):

Mini- Large Group: $40 per dancer            Small Group: $50 per dancer

Junior- Large Group: $50 per dancer         Small Grouo: $60 per dancer

Tween- Large Group: $60 per dancer        Small Group: $70 per dancer

Senior- Large Group: $70 per dancer        Small Group: $80 per dancer

***Checks made payable directly to the instructor at the time of teaching. In-house choregrapher’s pay will no longer be added to your dancer’s account and must be paid at the start of rehearsal or the dancer cannot participate.


Audition Process (Tryouts are at end of intensives)

As a prerequisite to auditions,  dancers must attend at least 5 days of the  Summer Dance Intensive. 

The Tryout process is designed to see where a student’s level of understanding and skills are at in relation to their age. Tryouts will not only demonstrate a dancer’s ability to dance and the skills they possess but will be used to place the dancer in the selected dances the instructors see fit for the 2020-2021 Competition year.

What to expect at Tryouts: 
-Proper execution of Right & Left Outside Pirouette
-Proper execution of Right or Left Fouettes (Group II & III only)
-Proper execution of Right & Left Saute de Chat (Develope Leap)
-Proper execution of Right, Left, & Center Split (Required for former dancers)
-Perform Tryout Routines (Lyrical & Jazz Combo)

If accepted there will be an email sent out with information regarding upcoming practice & choreography dates. There will also be an agreement form that will be required to sign and return, by email, in order for the dancer to be considered a new member. There will be a required $75.00 August Fee added to account after accepted.  Summer rehearsals will begin mid August and run until Sept. 10th, then fall classes will begin – schedule posted here.  Please download and read our Information Packet (posted at the bottom of this page) for detailed information.

Our Competitive Dance program consists of dancers age 7- 18 years.

Dancers will be placed in one of our four competitive teams (Mini, Junior, Tween, & Senior) most suitable for that individual’s abilities and skill set.  Not everyone is in every dance.  If you need to limit the number of dances for your dancer, please indicate on the Application form.  The instructors will place them in the appropriate routines – you cannot pick and choose. 


Watch our 2022 Competition routines below!