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Registration Policies

    • Quitting/Dropping a Class

NO credits or refunds of any kind for quitting/dropping a class for any reason before the class begins, or at any time throughout the year. If you should quit/drop a class for any reason, it is your responsibility to inform Just Dance in writing with the date you quit/drop. You are responsible for any charges incurred up to that point.  If you should drop after Feb. 1st you are responsible to pay for both March 1st and May 1st tuition installments as you took a spot in the class that can no longer be filled and choreography has to be re-blocked for dropping so late in the season.

For more details, please see our Registration & Tuition page.

Class Policies

    • Classroom Rules

Please go over these with your child: no touching the mirrors, no hanging on the bars, no running (unless part of warm-up), no gum chewing, wearing appropriate dance clothes (see below for our guidelines) , and only water can be brought into the dance room. Inappropriate behavior (violence, touching, yelling, foul language) can & will lead to immediate dismissal without refunds. If your child is being disruptive or not listening to the teacher they may be asked to leave the classroom.

Please do not touch the viewing windows.

Please keep coats in the lobby. Do not bring it into the dance room.

    • Viewing Class

Please feel free to drop off your dancer for class (no earlier than 15 minutes before class time) and return to pick up dancer once their class is over. If you prefer to wait, please sit in our lobby areas. Viewing windows are available for each dance room. Please do not tap on viewing window to get your child’s attention as it distracts the whole class.

    • Annual Dance Show Performances

Participation in dress rehearsal and both shows is mandatory unless we are notified by Nov. 1st, but preferably as soon as you register for the class. Our teachers take great pride in their work and blocking formations with each and every student in mind, so a dancer missing a performance without prior notification is unacceptable. Please keep in mind that missing a performance creates confusion for other dancers in the routine who rely on their fellow dancers for proper formations. Further, our showrunners will be looking for a dancer to have them go on stage if we are not given warning that the dancer will not be present.


All costume payments for recreational dancers will be due in full December 1st. All recreational costumes will be $80 per class. Competitive dancers pay a $45 deposit per costume by Aug. 30th and the balance $45 per costume by Sept. 15th.

We measure each student and pick a size we think would work best for your dancer.We order costumes for all regular classes in December. After the order is placed, you’re expected to perform in our dance show. You must inform us by Nov. 1st if you do not plan on participating in the show. If you should drop from the dance show after costumes have been ordered and choreography has begun, you forfeit your costume. (No refunds on costumes.) If your costume payment isn’t paid by Dec. 1st, we will NOT order your costume; therefore, you will not be able to perform in our show.

Please take note of the following:

-No refunds on costumes.

-You are responsible for your costume balance should you drop a class after costumes are ordered.

-Any necessary alterations are your responsibility.

-Costumes are only distributed once your 5th & final tuition installment (May) is paid.

Dress Code

    • For Comp Classes

Must wear uniform tanks on rehearsal days. Must wear black leotards on ballet and technique days. You may wear a skirt or shorts on bottom. If it is a color week you may wear colored clothing but make sure it is form-fitting. NO BAGGY CLOTHES!

    • For All Classes

Leotard and tights are preferred (any color). A leotard paired with a skirt or shorts is fine too. For jazz, tap, and hip-hop: fitted capri pants, fitted leggings, shorts, tank tops, and fitted WSDC t-shirts can be worn. Rule of thumb… We have to be able to see their knees and elbows. No loose-fitting attire. NO JEANS or JEAN SHORTS.

    • Not Allowed For Classroom Attire

Street attire such as jeans, baggy t-shirts/sweatshirts, cut off shorts, jean shorts, khakis, jeggings (leggings that look like jeans), etc.

    • Shoes For Classes

Preschool & Kinder Combos: Black tap shoes & pink ballet shoes. Arrive in tap shoes & bring a bag with ballet shoes into the dance room. Ballet shoes should be tied in a knot (not a bow). Adjust until shoes fit snugly but comfortably to foot. Then, cut off the excess string and tuck knot into shoes.

Level 1 Combo: Black tap shoes (slip-on or tie) no high heels & Black jazz shoes (slip-on or tie). Please arrive in tap shoes.

Tap classes: Black tap shoes (slip-on or tie) no high heels

Jazz classes: Black jazz shoes (slip-on or tie)

Ballet: Pink ballet shoes (canvas split sole preferred)

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 11.27.28 AMHip-Hop: Black with white trim converse shoes (see picture to the right for reference) Do not have to be converse brand.

*Please note, once costumes are picked you may need to purchase specific shoes/color for all classes.

    • Where To Find Shoes & Apparel

-For shoes & dance apparel, we highly recommend Flying D Dancewear in Peoria. You can go in, try things on, and be able to find out your size without the worries of shipping and handling fees.

-Another option: if you do know your sizes and want to shop online, go to Discount Dance or Just For Kix.

-Payless Shoe Stores also carry ballet, tap, and jazz shoes for younger students.

-WSDC has 2nd hand shoes available in the studio lobby. We will also have Water St. Logo apparel available to order at the studio periodically.

Concerning Safety

    • Dropping Off Your Child/Arriving to Class

For safety reasons, do not drop off your child or arrive to class more than 15 minutes prior to class start time. If you’re in the 1st class of the evening, the studio is not open until 15 mins prior.

    • Pick Up

Please make sure you pick your child up on time. Please inform your children about the importance of staying inside the building until you are in sight. We do not want the children waiting outside. This is for your child’s safety.

    • Inclement Weather

If classes are canceled due to bad weather, you will receive an email and it will appear on our Facebook page. Canceled classes will not be made up. Follow us on Facebook @Just Dance home of Water Street Dance Co. for info on canceling classes. NO refunds.


The studio will be closed on various holidays throughout the year. Please refer to our Important Dates. Also, it will be posted in the studio.