During summer we have multiple teachers that offer private lessons. They can tailor and specialize to the dancers needs & goals. Each of our teachers are different and dynamic. They are all very experienced and want to help the dancer learn, grow, and improve their skills. They can help with tryouts, skills, strength/conditioning, flips, etc.

Our teachers offering privates for summer 2022:

  • Gweny Kennedy – 309-648-3396 or gkenn3@gmail.com
  • Devery McCoy – mccoyd81@yahoo.com
  • Kenzie Johnson – 309-642-1789 or mckenzielynnjohnson@gmail.com
  • Barbie Tiesman – 309-258-6579 or FB message
  • McKenzie Schroeder – 309-634-6042

See details for each teacher below

IMG_9046 IMG_9047 IMG_9054 IMG_9055 IMG_9058


Pricing for privates & cleanings: