Registration for 2022-2023 Season is closed.

Download the Recreational Schedule here.

Please go by your child’s age at time of registration to find the appropriate class level. If you register for a higher level, we reserve the right to move you to the proper level. If an instructor feels you need to be in a different level, higher or lower, they will let you know. 

You must use a credit/debit card to register online in order to complete your registration. Otherwise, your registration will cancel out at the end of the night.





*Please read our Policies & Dress Code before registration.*

*Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Amazon Wishlist for studio supplies/equipment! It means the world! If you would like to help donate please click here!*


Online Registration opens Aug. 15th for returning students and opens Aug. 22nd for new students. CLOSES NOVEMBER 15th. 

There is a $25 Registration Fee. This is a once-a-year, non-refundable fee. Tuition payments are non-refundable and we do not give credits due to missing or dropping class. Your first tuition installment & registration fee is due at registration. Payment must be made at the end of your registration process; otherwise it is automatically cancelled at the end of the night.

If you wish to pay your entire annual tuition at the time of registration, please do not include the $25 registration fee. This fee will be waived. We will manually remove it from your account. Please notify us via email at if you decide to pay the entire annual tuition at registration, so we can waive the $25 registration fee for you.

We will accept new students to register until Nov. 15th. After this date we cannot accept new students as we will be working on the dances for recital and ordering costumes. We offer drop in classes-please read under “tuition rates” below

Tuition & Fees

    • Registration Fee

$25 Fee per family when you sign up for classes. This is a once a year, non-refundable fee. This fee is waived if you pay the full year tuition at registration.

    • Auto Pay

You can choose to pay your tuition automatically. This is a worry-free way to make sure your payments are always on time. Tuition is run on the card you enter on each due date (below). To sign up for automatic/recurring payments:

1. Log in to your Studio Director account.

2. Hit edit payment information.

3. Select “yes” off to the right hand side.

    • Annual Tuition

Your annual tuition fees are divided into 5 installments, which are due the following dates…

1st Tuition Payment- Due at Registration with $25 registration fee

2nd Tuition Payment- Due Nov. 1

3rd Tuition Payment- Due Jan. 1

4th Tuition Payment- Due Mar. 1

5th Tuition Payment- Due May 1

  • Late Tuition Payment Fee

A late fee of $5 per week will be added to your tuition payment if tuition is not paid by the 14th of each month. There are no exceptions to these policies.

$25 Registration Fee is waived when paying entire Annual tuition fee at registration. If paying entire annual tuition online, do not pay the registration fee. Please email us to have it waived. 

    • Tuition Rates

1hr. class- $100 every tuition installment

45min. class- $95 every tuition installment

30min. class- $85 every tuition installment

Drop-in class (trial class)- $15 per class: Please pay your teacher of the class and let them know you are doing a trial class. Do not register online for drop-ins. If you can only come to a few classes, or just want to try out our studio, this is a great option. From September 12th til Nov. 1st is when we allow drop-in classes. After this the classes will be working on the dances for recital.

We accept new students to register until Nov. 15th. After this date we cannot accept new students as we will be working on the dances for recital and ordering costumes.

Recreational Class Costume Payments Due in Full December 1st. All rec costumes are $80 per class. 

Divided into 5 installments due the same dates as above (recreational) plus August fee*

*August fee $75 will be added to account after accepted

All Competitive Dance $300 every tuition installment

Competitive Dance Costume Deposits Due by August 30th ($45 per costume); Costume Balances Due by September 30th.