Why parents recommend Just Dance Home of Water Street Dance Company:


…I just appreciate the time you took with the girls to begin teaching the fundamentals of dance! When I was looking for a studio I continuously heard from parents how pleased they were with your studio and the great instruction the kids get from you. How right they were! I was blown away by the talent on stage this past weekend. You and your staff do a great job, Gina! Thank you for sharing your love of dance with the girls. 

~Angie Borman

Gina, Just wanted to send a note to commend you on a job well done! It was one of the best recitals we have been to and thoroughly enjoyed it. So nice to see the teachers doing the dances along with the girls. When the grandpa even said he enjoyed it, you have to know you’ve done good! Thank You!

~Grandparents of Mackenzie 

Very professional and good teachers.  I went to their recital last year before signing Kara up there. I am picky when it comes to dance, since it was and is my first love and my first career. The recital was phenomenal and even younger dancers performed with skill and stage presence! I have been happy with the classes! They have preschool dance classes for up to 5-6 yr olds and then go into technique levels. Kara is in Level 1 Ballet, Tap and Jazz.
~Barbie Tiesman

Gina you run an amazing dance studio and you and your staff are kind, caring and professional! You are doing a great job and we love your dance studio! We attended 2 other studios in the past and yours blows them away. Thanks for you and your staff’s hard work and dedication…we truly appreciate it 

Gina, I know how much you love what you do!! The fact that enrollment went up so much speaks volumes about your true intent. The dancers and parents that know you are aware of how much you love to teach/share with your students!! 
~Lydia Layman

Cassidy has spent her whole dance “career” with you. I remember Cassidy, at the age of about 4, saying “I wanna be one of Gina’s girls”. She was referring to your senior dancers. Here we are 13 years later….. You have instilled a love of dance in Cassidy. There were times when I was certain she spent more time at a dance studio than at home! You have always communicated show information well Congratulations on a sold out show and the growth of the studio! 
~Ronda Savage

Gina, we love Just Dance and I appreciate all of your communication advising the parents regarding ticket sales, costumes, tuition payments due, etc. etc. As a parent of one of your students, it is my responsibility to act on the e-mails and papers that you send home. You and your staff do an excellent job and most importantly, you have taught Jenna so much in dance! Thank you! 

Coming back to you… was the best decision we ever made. You not only challenged and made my daughter an amazing dancer, you created a setting of excellence, hard work, passion, dedication, love, exposure to yours and other artists’ amazing choreography, and fun.. and on top of it all… worked in conjunction with all these crazy high schools’ schedules… Girl…. thank you for being just the way you are and sharing your talents. 
~Sue Johnson

It is hard to know what and where to invest your time, funds, and emotions when your kids are young and want to dabble in everything. I can say that Ella’s past few years with your studio have struck a passion in her that is worth all of that and we see her wanting to be a “dancer”, not just experiment with another sport. We love WSDC and our daughter does too. Congratulations on this year’s growth and we can’t wait for another competition season! 
~Jeff Bloom

Both of my girls danced for Gina from a young age and continued to dance competitively all the way through their high school years. Beth continued to dance at the college level with the 3Spot Dance Troupe at the University of Illinois and Abbey recently graduated high school and will now continue her dance career at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she will be dancing on their dance team. I honestly feel none of this would have been possible without the knowledge and passion for dance that Gina passed on to them over the years. Gina also afforded the girls the opportunity to work with outside teachers and choreographers which only strengthened and broadened them as dancers. It doesn’t matter if you dance on the competitive team or are a recreational dancer, Gina’s dedication and committment to each dancer is the same. Her supporting staff is just as knowledgable and dedicated to their students. 
~Jackie Steger

I wanted to send my personal “thank you” to Gina and her staff for a great first dance experience for my daughter. When she was born she was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome, which I know if relatively unheard of. Only 1-2% of fetuses with TS make it to birth, so she is definitely our miracle. Seeing her dance on that stage this weekend brought me to tears each time. She loved going to dance each week and although she is easily distracted and very “outgoing” she did so wonderfully thanks to the patience and professionalism of your studio. 

~Ashley R.

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